We Got Stuck at Jeddah Airport

I wanted to share this piece with you based on tawakkul (reliance on Allah) and (sincerity) in doing things solely for the sake of Allah. We had left Mekka early for Jeddah, and we got to King Abdulaziz International Airport around 3:45 am waiting for our flight back to Dulles Airport, Washington.

Upon our arrival at Jeddah Airport, we immediately checked in without delay. That’s around 4 am. The flight takes off at 8:40 am. I didn’t want to go in earlier, so l had set the alarm for 7:23 am where we were sitting at the check-in station. I didn’t pay attention to the boarding time set for (7:10 am) again. My brain has glued to the 8:40 am. Though we have been exhausted and tired. So, we needed to nap before the flight kicks off. Unfortunately, we slept past the time a little bit. And upon getting to the passport check entrance, we realized we couldn’t go in again. I verified with one of the attendees and we were told we were too late. Flight missed! What a heartbreak!!

As if that wasn’t enough. The next story is not funny at all. Then, l was told to see someone at the counter and that someone redirected me to one and another one. I went straight to the customer service representatives. She redirected me to follow the queue and make my complaint known. So, back to the airline representative after a long queue. I can’t help you was his response. So, l was told to see the ‘guest (kinikan).” The lady wouldn’t help me as well. Now, she said to go see the “Ministry of Hajj Rights”. After checking whatever & whatever, they said to go back to them.

Now, l was asked to pay 8500 SAR to book a new flight that will take us back to the United States. That wasn’t funny at all. I was like another $2500 after all the spending here and there? Where is that money going to come from? So, l left the place and go back to the “guest kinikan” l said l do not have any money to pay. I am just coming from spending a whole lot. I have exhausted all l have. I thought l was the only one. Not at all. We were many that needed help. But, we were asked to pay ni o. I remember a sister with her husband and children who were very angry at the lady. And two other ones whose tickets were booked for the wrong day. How about another one who had been at the airport for two days? I was telling myself, Majeedah, you do not have a choice. Still, whenever l think of the money l have to waste for that matter, l just realized tears rolling down my cheeks.

No, l can’t pay such an amount. Now, I started supplicating to Allah. I began with Solatul lbrahimiyyah, then lstigfaar. At this moment, l recall what was shown to me in the Masjid of the Prophet (Medina Al-Munawarrah). Then I began to chant Allahuma La Sahla, Bismillahi Allahuma Rahmatakha, and La illaha illa anta. So, hours passed by. Still no way out. So, l raised my head and was having a conversation with Allah in tears. I couldn’t remember anything. Cause, l have always begged Allah to not make me remember any good l do to people. But, two things strike my mind.

So, l say to Allah, Allah you remember the day l sat by the side of my bed crying to you that l have to send another money to feed the needy and the poor. I wasn’t buoyant that day. But, l did it for your sake. Oh Allah, they are your servant. Oh Allah, remember those that l cloth on Eid day from among your servant. If it is true that l have done it for your sake without expecting anything back nor was it done to show off. Please, relieve me of this burden. I do not have such an amount to pay. I can’t pay such an amount, Ya Allah.

Eventually, l was asked to bring my old ticket, the guy collected it and said to me, go get your baggage and come back to me. I will put you on another flight. That was the end of it. This whole drama took me 8 hours to resolve. I was grateful. I didn’t pay a dime when many people had to pay. It was indeed a test of faith. If one is not strong in faith, one would have questioned Allah. Indeed, it was a test of faith and l am grateful in all situations. It feels good to be home. May Allah accept our Ramadaan and Umrah.

Umm Sumayyah Mai

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