If you have been married for some years now, you will notice that after say two or three years of your marriage, the love drops a bit and this is more obvious if you have a child. You tend to pay attention to things you would have overlooked in the first two years of your marriage.

Many of us forget the good old days and the memories we once shared. Our expectations of how we want our spouses to behave are so high that we forget to show empathy when they are down. Perhaps, these are things we can control with our efforts but refuse to. Loving them for who they are, focusing on what you have without comparing them with anyone.

Couples who are supposed to go for marriage therapy and call for mediation begin to see the faults of each other, negatively. Some take days to speak about the challenges they are facing – forgetting that the more you leave the issue the bigger and more difficult it becomes. Thereby making marriage difficult.

It’s crucial to identify the root of the anger and frustration you are both having – getting to know the root is crucial in resolving it. Yes, it is allowed to speak your mind and express your anger and frustration. What you shouldn’t do is to be suspicious of him or her and perhaps engage in the habit of not sleeping in the same bed due to that. Marriage is hard work. I mean real hard work.

To be continued…

Umm Sumayyah Mai

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