Talking About Gratitude

I was listening to Ustadh Farouk Aleem Al-Egbaawiy ‘s lecture at The Muslimah’s Room (TMR) yesterday on the ‘Attributes of Righteous Women’, and part of what he mentioned was ‘Gratitude’ – being grateful to Allah over His enormous mercy upon you. Being an appreciative wife towards your husband and anyone who does good to you, either small or big.

That simply reminds me of a patient of mine whom l worked with this week. This woman was so appreciative. For every single thing l do for her, she will say ‘ thank you’. I was forced to tell her husband how appreciative she was. Like she is very, very appreciative. And you will have some people who despite doing good to them go about defaming you. This life isn’t balanced.

What is most important for us as Muslims is our intention. Being sincere and doing things only to seek the face of Allah – without waiting to be rewarded by the one you do good to. That’s very important. The attitude of one person shouldn’t stop us from being good to others. Our rewards are with our lord. May we be among the grateful ones.

Umm Sumayyah Mai

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