Oh Youngsters!

I was that small girl who was raised by a Mum of seven. I lost my father at a tender age of 11. Yet, l promised myself to stand tall and do all it takes to make my mother proud by being successful. It was a tough journey for a small child like myself. Life was hard! Life was difficult! It was terribly, terrible!

Truly, we were blessed with a kindhearted, loving mother. She was all l could raise my head up and see – all l could share my pains and worries with. Oh My mother! I was a vulnerable girl. But, l refused to be used and dumped by men. I was always careful and l always tried to follow my mother’s advice and instructions.

Perhaps, you are blessed with good parents who nurture and raised you to become successful in both worlds. That Allah has given you a mother and or father who are there for you is indeed enough as a blessing. You should always be grateful. You should always do your best and live your life memorably.

My father was gone when l needed him most. He was overtaken by death which we all owe! I missed every moment that requires his attention – every gathering where his empty seat were spotted. I missed his fatherly love!

My call is for you as a youngster to listen and be obedient to your parents. Perhaps they may leave you unannounced. The life of this dunya is nothing but temporary. Take with you what will make you become successful tomorrow. Be a child whom your parent will be proud of. Avoid being used as sex toy, and choose your friend wisely. Live your youthful age honourably!

Umm Sumayyah Mai

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