Muslim in Ramadan and Muslim of All-times

Ikhwaan fillah, we have been blessed.  We have been given the huge opportunity to witness the month of Ramadan. We were encouraged to live a life of obedience, humbleness, and fulfilling the promise made to our Rabb. The learned one had said: “May Allah have mercy upon the one who has tried working righteous action and living a life of obedience.”

I believe that we all have worked so hard this month to seek the face of Allah. Allah ta’ala mentioned in the Noble Quran: “We have not created men and jinn except for them to worship me.” Learn to know the importance of not being a believer only in the month of Ramadhaan – we should tend to ask ourselves, do l only eat in Ramadan? Only take a shower in Ramadan? Only meet with my partner in Ramadan? And of course, only seek to make ends meet in Ramadan? So, we should fear Allah who does not only exist in Ramadan.

It becomes a fitnah and of course, the way of giving way to shaitan to sit on our hearts while allowing our whims and desires to take a huge control over us, If we are among those who only observe salaat, only use Jilbaab and only visit Masjid in the month of Ramadan.

Remember, Allah is the Lord who does not sleep nor slumber, and we all have angels who are on standby to write our good and bad deeds. Abdullaah Ibn Mas’ud mentioned that:  “l dislike to see an idle man, doing nothing for Dunya( by the way of taking care of his family ) and of course not preparing for the Hereafter.

He (ibn Mas’ud ) also mentioned in another hadith, “l used to dislike that the sun was setting over me, and l did not increase in the action that l was already doing. It is indeed upon you, to use five before you are overtaken by five. Your life before death, your wealth before you become poor, your health before you become sick, your youthful age before you become old, and Your Free time before you are pre-occupied.

Ikhwaan fillah, let this Ramadan be a Ramadan that will help you to work righteous deeds, increase in seeking the pleasure of Allah, and of course continue doing good actions and deeds in the later months. Shaitan is chained in the month of Ramadan. Do not have the mindset of taking him as your master when Ramadan ends. Seek help in Allah throughout this month, and ask that He make you fulfill your promise to be a good servant forever.

Our sisters are encouraged to keep their Ijabs while fulfilling the rights of their husbands and the brothers are also advised to hold on to the rope of Allah without falling short willingly. We have been called and reminded, for reminder benefits a believer and we are also advised not to be carried away by Dunya after Ramadan.

Live your life as a traveler and remember you will not live forever. A day shall come when you will wish all days are like the days of Ramadan. May Allah keep you well and safe. Ameen.


Umm Sumayyah Mai



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