Unusual Signs and Symptoms

Poverty and ignorance in our dear country are other factors to talk about. A man who starts to feel the usual in his body system refuses to go for a check-up because of money.

Perhaps, if not for ignorance, he wouldn’t have neglected the unusual signs and symptoms until they worsened.  Except in cases where they won’t attempt to attend to him until he makes a consultant payment.  And that makes it more difficult for people in that category.

Still, always make a consultation about your health even if it’s a headache. Persistent headaches may be a tumor in your brain and may be a sign of stroke or bleeding in your brain.  And it may just be an ordinary stress and lifestyle changes you may need to make and adopt.

Anytime you notice the unusual, always seek medical help. Please, always.  Don’t wait and not talk about it.  Please, talk about it.  Seek medical help and allow Allah to take care of the rest.

I have lost many people due to this. We need more healthcare awareness to curb this menace. I am working to be part of those who will save more lives. May Allah make it successful.


Umm Sumayyah Mai

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