Children Duaas!!

Oh Allah, You have granted us the opportunity to witness yet another year of Ramadhaan, Oh Allah! accept our supplications in this Holy month. Oh Allah, accept my fasting, my Taraweeh, and grant all my requests. Oh Allah grant me good health and sound eemaan.

Oh Allah, Make me successful in both worlds. Oh Allah brighten my face. Oh Allah make me happy. Oh Allah be pleased and happy with me.

Oh, Allah! Make me an obedient servant of yours. Make me an obedient child to my parents. Oh Allah allow me to always do things that will make them happy and not sad.

Oh, Allah! illuminates my face with your light. Oh Allah make your book, the Quran, the Light of my heart. Oh Allah elevate me in this Ummah. Oh Allah, do not make me sad or break my heart. Oh Allah prevent me from the fire of Dunya and Akhirah, and grant me the highest rank in Jannah.

Oh, Allah make me memorize your book and never forget it. Allow me to read it on the day of judgment with light surrounding me and my heart full of Joy.

Oh Allah grant me success in my academics, Quizzes & Tests. Oh Allah, promote me excellently to the next grade and grant me all my heart desires. Oh, Allah, help fulfill my dreams of what l want to become in life.

Oh, Allah! Make me the Imam/ Ustadha of your Masjeed in Mecca and the Masjid of Rasoolullah in Medina Al-Munawarrah. Oh Allah make me love You and make me love the Prophet and put the love of those whom you love in my heart.

Oh Allah, grant me Halal Risq and make me among those who give charity solely for Your Sake. Allow me to be persistent in doing numerous acts of worship and charity.

Oh Allah ease the affairs of my parents. You know what they want most in life, for themselves; and for me and my siblings. Accept their prayers on us Ya Allah.

Oh, Allah! put your love in their hearts. Oh Allah continue to put love and mercy between them. Let them reach old age in sound health, eeman, and taqwa.

Oh Allah, as they are raising and nurturing us on the path of Islam and Sunnah, allow us to appreciate them. Allow us to take care of them when they become old in our hands and return their hard work and sacrifices with Jannah.

Oh, Allah! Do not make me among those who commit Zina, theft, and lie. Oh Allah grant me steadfastness upon the Deen. Oh Allah make my feet firm upon righteousness.

Oh, Allah! Grant me beneficial knowledge, piety, and taqwa. Oh Allah allow me to live long on the straight path. Oh Allah grant me wisdom and a good heart.

Oh, Allah! distance me from Hellfire and draw me closer to Jannah. Allow me to do the work of the people of Jannah and grant me a good ending.

Oh, Allah! Make me among those who weep in secret for your Sake. Make me a JUST ruler. Oh, Allah! always wake me up to seek your face during the third part of the night. Make the love of the Masjiid firm upon my heart.

Oh, Allah! Forgive all my sins and grant me humility towards Allah, toward the people, and upon the Deen. Oh, Allah invoke on me your mercy, blessing, and forgiveness. Oh, Allah! make me a child my parents will be proud of.

Oh Allah ease for me my affairs and do not leave me to them even for a blink of an eye. Oh Allah protect me from all evil eyes among men and Jins. Oh Allah make me among those who will die upon Islam and Sunnah. Allow me to follow the Sunnah in all my activities and make Jannah Al-Fridaws my final abode.


Oh, Allah! allow me to always observe my five daily prayers on time along with the Nawafil, and grant me concentration in my prayers. Grant me the ability to read from the depth of my heart with full attention to the meaning.


Oh Allah, allow me to always fear you both inwardly and outwardly. Oh, Allah! allow me to be among those who will enter the gate of Solaat, Zakat, fasting, and charity, and make the Prophet and the Quran an intercession for me on the Day of Judgment.


Oh, Allah! I seek refuge in you from the punishment of the grave and the torment of it. Oh Allah distance me from Hell and distance me from committing sins knowingly and unknowingly.


Ya Rabbal Ala’aameen.

Umm Sumayyah Mai

Ramadhaan 1443 AH

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