I Met Some Revert Sisters

I met some revert sisters somewhere in Baltimore Mosque today; and l wish l have the time to teach them basic lslam. I had introduced myself as Majeedah’ and also confirmed they were new to the religion of lslam.
While I stopped them after the prayer to say one or two things, l also directed them to seek for more knowledge on how to pray. l was about to take my leave when a sister who had initially assisted most of us introduced herself as a Q’uran teacher in the Masjid. And she expressed her gratitude for what l did. So, l was happy someone will direct these new beautiful sisters accordingly. If you see something, it’s always crucial to say something especially when it comes to the religion of Allah. I feel like we have a lot to do in this deen of ours. So, when Allah ask how we impact to others, we would have something to say, positively, bi’idhniLlaah!
I shared contact with sister Z’ and l pray Allah reward her with Jannah. Indeed, she has a lot of work to do. May Allah bless all the beautiful new revert and guide their steps to enter the Deen completely. May He accept it from them all and grant them steadfastness upon the religion.

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