Believing Women Should Be Snored!

Whilst we advise the womenfolk to stay in their marriage, to be patient, and to persevere for the sake of Allah, it’s also crucial that our men treat them with love and affection.  You must try to treat her with utmost care and protect her honor both in the private and public domain.

You do not speak ill of your woman.  Neither do you leave her unhappy simply because there is another woman in your life?  Every woman is unique in their ways. And believing women deserve to be treated with mercy and love. Our menfolk should always be there to make their woman happy regardless of their circumstances.  Do your best and let Allah judge between you both after you have tried your best.  But to leave them without care is against the practice of our noble Prophet. May Allah be pleased with him.

There are men, and there are other men.  Men, who are faithful and Godfearing; and men who do not give a damn come what may.  May Allah grant us the former and not the latter.  May He ease the affairs of our homes.

Umm Sumayyah Mai

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