What Makes People End Marriage of Ten, Twenty, and or Thirty Years Baffles Me!

Well, l was once like yourself.  I’d wanted to end it when the challenges were turbulent.  But l was reminded to think about my why.  I was admonished to take a deeper breath and remember every home comes with its challenges.  So, I’d weigh the consequences and the benefits that may occur after the separation.

What many people fail to do is to weigh the pros and cons before they quit the marriage. Today, you see couples displaying their dirty linens in the media. These are people who were once seen as best friends and great couples.

So, what happened to the love we once said we had for each other?  What happened to the patience and perseverance we once had at the beginning of our marriages? What happened to the forgiveness we promised to exercise?  What happened to the excuses we were once given to each other? Do we even care about each other in the first place? Do we?  Was the love real in the first place?

Most of our women do not want to persevere anymore – nor do they want to be patient at all.  We are quick to call it a day and we probably think there is a flawless man out there. Dear, do not deceive yourself. No home is free from challenges.  Do not be deceived by what you see in the media.  People only tell you what you love to hear. Dear, be patient with your husband and try to resolve your concerns. Leaving him for another man at this time may not be a good start. I am not sure leaving a marriage of twenty years is worth it. The man you are eyeing out there may be far worse than your husband. All that is glisters Is not gold. Think!!



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