Beyond Money!

Again, marriage is a complex thing. What works in your home may not work in others’ homes. So, before you walk away due to his financial inadequacy, try to see other goods in him.

It may not be ideal to marry anyone who does not have a roof to put you under – nor is it compulsory to marry a billionaire. That doesn’t mean you should say No if you find one whose Din and character please you alongside his wealth. Who doesn’t like good things? A man who is attracted by your beauty should also be ready to spend on you to maintain that beauty.

However, a religious, kind-hearted man may be an average man in finance. That makes sticking with him crucial after thorough findings before saying Yes, I do. Saying ‘Yes’ to him may be considered an opportunity to grow in love and mercy. Your intention of marriage with him is beyond money, but patience. Eventually, when the money comes, he will utilize it considerably.

Money is indeed needed in all relationships. A man should always have something he does regardless. But, love, mercy, and compatibility in Din and characters should never be ignored. If your husband is trying, try to endure. Do not leave the marriage without considering other factors.

May Allah enrich our spouses. May He ease the affairs of our homes.

Umm Sumayyah Mai

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