Consistency is Key

Consistency creates stability and it’s the key to success in all areas of life. We are advised to choose a habit we can maintain, and build on it.


It is the same consistency that makes you become recognized in the sight of Allah. Once you become addicted, say for example, in observing Qiyam Layl. Allah already recognized you. And if you fall short due to sickness or are overtaken by sleep, you will be getting a reward for what you love doing.


It is inconsistency in prayers that makes some people question who their LORD is. This makes them seek help from others other than Allah.


It is consistency that is missing in relationships, friendships, and marriage at large. Many of us do not want to sacrifice to maintain love and build solid homes for a better generation to come. We are quick to give up.

Inconsistency has made a man or woman who had vowed to be considerate, loving, and merciful towards each other forget the reward that comes with it in both worlds. And indeed Allah loves those who are consistent in worship. However, not many people understand that marriage itself is worship. May Allah ease the affairs of our homes.

Umm Sumayyah Mai

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