While in Sajdah!


While in sujud, as Muslims, we pray and glorify our Lord (Allah); we sincerely maintain our humility and seek Allah’s forgiveness throughout our voluntary and involuntary prayers.

During that period, what truly comes to my mind most time are those terrible sins of mine. Those sins l pray Allah never expose on the day of reckoning. At one point, l quickly wanted to take my mind away from them, like l don’t wish to remember them, for indeed l wish l never committed them. I wish I didn’t do them in the first place. Alas, Allah forgives us, as much as we strive never to go back to our terrible sins. Thus, one of the best moments to seek Allah’s mercy and forgiveness is during our sujud.

Ramadhaan has truly prevented most of us from sinning against our Rabb. It has assisted us to be more conscious and God-fearing. I pray Allah to assist us to be able to maintain it during and after Ramadhaan. We are humans who forget, while Allah never forgets. May Allah forgive all our terrible sins and rectify all our affairs. Ya Rabbal ‘Ala’aameen!

Umm Sumayyah Mai

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