Detaching from Dunya



We are in the second ten days of Ramadhaan already. And this period is the period of Magfirah. The period of forgiveness. Make it a great deal to seek Allah’s forgiveness over your enormous sins which are filled to the brim.

The first ten 10day are Rahmah (blessings) for us. As we continue with the second phase, let’s appraise ourselves. Ask yourself, am 1 still engrossed with the affairs of Dunya, or l have begun to feel the connection between myself and Allah?

What have you given up for Allah, especially during the month of Ramadhaan? What habit do you still need to work on before the month closes upon you? That you do not regret not doing enough. I wouldn’t like the month to come, leave, and l am not able to stop that act or deed l know for sure isn’t something to write home about. I want to be proud of what l have done in total humility for Allah and ask that He accept it from me.

It’s truly important to build a relationship with Allah in Dunya, and He wouldn’t let you down in Akhirah. Forget the frivolous excuses, if you haven’t opened your Quran during this holy month, you are not connecting with Allah. If you haven’t observed any prayer in Jama’ah and or prayed Taraaweeh behind the Imam, especially as a man, your heart is far from HIM. If you are financially upright, and you haven’t given to the needy, you are missing a great deal. You should treat this month uniquely as if it’s your last.

Umm Sumayyah Mai

Ramadhaan 14, 1443AH

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