I watched the video clip of today’s court judgment of the late Timothy’s case that almost tear social media apart some years ago, and l concluded that indeed the judgment of Allah is more severe than that. The pain and agony of the hellfire couldn’t be imagined. May Allah save us from entering hellfire.

So, my take on the issue is to take care of my affairs with Allah, both inwardly and outwardly – my meeting with Him and to prepare for what to expect when l finally return to my LORD. To continue to seek His face and always ask for forgiveness for all my horrible, terrible sins which are filled to the brim. So help me, Allah.

The life of Dunya is temporary and It’s always important to remember that you will not live here forever. So, tread carefully; and do not wrong your sister. If she didn’t get her judgment in this life, she will get it from you on the day of judgment. Know what you do and say behind your fellow sisters’ backs before death overtakes you, and you’d regretted you wronged a sister who doesn’t even know you exist. May Allah make us among His sincere ones.

Umm Sumayyah Mai

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