Often time when we see children who grew up in a well-nurtured Islamic home, it takes little time to know such children are raised upon the Sunnah of Islam and the book of Allah (Al-Qu’ran). They are easily differentiated by the knowledge bestowed upon them by Allah. The efforts of their parents are prominent and their sacrifices are rewarded.

The truth is that everything comes with hard work and prayers. We are to tire our camel and ask Allah for protection afterward. It’s very important to make a solid plan and know how to shoot your shot. It’s imperative to start well, not starting well brings about regret. Do all it takes to choose the right spouse for your humble self and plan well for your children. Tell yourself l want to raise the best children on earth. I want to raise a Shayk who will follow pristine Islam and guides others to the truth. A son who will sleep and wake up with the Quran. I want to raise a Muslimah who will follow in the footsteps of the great Sahabiyyats.

I want to raise children who will remember me in my grave. I want to raise better children with good manners and excellent characters. I want to raise children who will raise the best children upon the Deen Al-Islam.

Umm Sumayyah Mai

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