Patience in Worshipping Allah

I remember the day of my final exam at the university some years back. That day was one of the extremely hottest days in the United States.  So, we were asked to move to another location for the exam and behold, everyone felt the heat within.

As a user of the face veil, l felt the heat deeper within – just like every other person in the room. It was so hurt that the AC couldn’t be more effective than it was. Imagine having exam in an extremely hot weather as such.  No one bothered to ask if it was too hot for me or not. This is because we were all feeling it. I recall a sister in the same room with me who took her small hijab off. l was very sad, but she was a struggling sister then. It is worth saying that while l will be rewarded for pleasing Allah, they won’t. Even though we were all in the same situation.

To enter paradise, you have a lot to sacrifice – you have a lot to be patient about. You indeed have a lot to put on the table for your Jannah. There is no easy path to enter paradise. It’s going to be a lot of dedication, perseverance and patience. You will know if you are doing enough, or doing little.

I have been constantly reminded to be more patient. And this is indeed crucial in worshipping and seeking the face of Allah. To be safe from hell, you must have worked your whole life pleasing Allah and seeking forgiveness for your enormous sins. May Allah forgive us and grant us a good ending.

Umm Sumayyah Mai

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