Allah Put You in That Position for a Reason: It Isn’t Because You Are Better Than Them

A sister messaged me and expressed her mind toward me. Apparently, she wanted to speak with me and the only thing l did was a reply to her tasleem. Perhaps, l may be at work or may even be going through something myself. Many people like me can’t come online and start complaining about our plights. It will affect many people that l know without any trace of pride. So, at most times l handle things myself without complaining to anyone except Allah.

Sometimes, l feel overwhelmed and tired. I sometimes feel frustrated when l see some messages. I have for so many times cried out and run to my husband. Only for him to calm me and remind me of the title above.

I recall a day Abu Zayd Idris Ismail asked to speak with me, I think it took me about five days or even a week before l finally got the chance. Ask ‘Bilqis Yusuf’ if l have been able to speak with her. Even while she wanted to address something of great importance. We kept missing one another.

It has always not been intentional. I wouldn’t hurt anyone intentionally. But, by Allah,  l can’t answer everyone.  It’s not just possible. So, if you feel offended about your messages not being read or replied to, remember l am human. I can’t answer everyone. Always give excuses for your sister.

See, I don’t get angry over unreplied messages or calls.  What l do is to continue to remind the person and hopefully, he or she gets to me someday. It’s 12:30 am on Sunday, Jan 28th and I haven’t slept.  This is someone who had to park to sleep for 10 minutes on my way back from work.

But, l have promised to reply those that l asked to message  me on WhatsApp for our #RiseToEmpower program.  By Allah, l am only sacrificing my sleep for the sake of Allah. So, l ask you to always give excuses to your sister, as l will always give to you as well. May Allah ease our affairs. May He forgive us all.

Umm Sumayyah Mai

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