My First Night


My son had waited by the door to be the first to welcome us. Yes, l love the hug l got from him yesterday. It was a lovely one. I am sincerely grateful to Allah for a very safe return. I am happy that we landed safely at the airport, got our luggage, and finally returned to our place of residence.

We wouldn’t sleep without narrating our experiences. So much so that my son and my first daughter wished they had gone with us. I heard him saying, Oh “l want to go there too”. Yes, it was a night following many great nights in our lives. I wish l could stay longer in Medina and Makkah respectively. I have missed the great cities. I have missed the congregational prayers and the people of Madina and Makkah. I have missed many great things and my dream was all about these beautiful cities of Rasulullah. We had the best crew ever. I have also missed them.

Oh, Allah return us to your house. Accept all our prayers and forgive all our sins. May you visit the great cities too. Ya Rabbal ‘Aalameen!


Umm Sumayyah Mai

January 1st, 2022

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