The Companions of The Grave

The internet will not be forgotten. And you shall be made to see your good and bad deeds on the day when the truth will be rewarded and falsehood will be punished. The fight for TRUTH didn’t begin today, it had begun several hundred years ago. I saw the GREATEST work of Rasullullah in Medina, the land of peace, and l couldn’t but understand why he had been appointed a Prophet. Rasulullaah was firm and fearless of the Mushrikeen and the Munaffikeen of his time. And Allah granted him victory over them. Perhaps you didn’t know your death could come at any time. What would you leave behind? What would be said about us?

While at Al-Medina Munawarah,  l didn’t understand it at first, but at the Zuhr prayer, l realized people are being prayed (JANNAZAH) after each obligatory prayer. I witnessed it for the five days spent in Medina.

The three companions of the grave based on the title of this write-up, are two newborn babies, and one adult. These three companions were buried together in one single grave as narrated by my husband who accompanied them to the graveyard. Yet, some of us are not preparing well. We only want to be remembered for evil. We want to be remembered for causing fitnah on the land. For wanting to change the Sunnah to suit ourselves. We want to be remembered for insulting the companions of Rasulullah and for making jest at many noblewomen of Islam. We equally will be remembered for following our whims and desires. And for affirming that we would follow our forefathers even if they are wrong and upon misguidance in their mode of worship. We would be remembered for fighting the Sunnah and dehumanizing the people of Sunnah. Yes, the internet won’t ever forget. And Allah continues to keep a watchful eye on us.

Umm Sumayyah Mai

December 25th, 2021

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