You May Not Follow The Media

There are so many things to look into when it comes to a marriage proposal. The man Aqeedah, what is the person’s Manhaj? Compatibility in Deen and Character. His patience and mannerisms. How about his anger and how caring he is? Is he someone who has mercy and love in his heart? How is he to his parent and sisters?


You must be able to establish those factors.

Get to thoroughly find out whom he has lived with, transacted business with, and traveled with.


Let me burst your bubble.


I do not say you should accept a proposal from a man who can’t feed himself and does not have a roof to put you under. I do not say you should reject the proposal of a wealthy brother. But, be smart enough to look above wealth. Look before you leap. Again, thoroughly make your findings. Look before you leap. Deen superseded wealth.


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See, money is very, very, important. But, l am a woman of Tawakkul. But, be sure you are not fooling yourself around with a man who does not give a freak. May Allah grant you the best.


Umm Sumayyah Mai

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