Two Ways Your Brand or Name Can Become Spoiled

There are two ways your brand or name can become spoiled and extremely difficult to rectify.

1. If you are not known to be truthful, sincere, and of good integrity, you may not be able to rectify the damage your action or inaction has caused you online.

2. If you are known to be honest and of good manners and integrity, some people will still believe what is said about you to the general public. But, your personality and truthfulness will speak for you. This may take time, but your brand will eventually be rectified.

The first is the worst position you do not want to be. Ensure to always maintain a good reputation in both private and public life. No one is perfect but as a business personnel, you must be extremely careful. Hence, you may regret you ever come to the media for business. May Allah rectify us all.

Umm Sumayyah Mai

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