What is Beyond Love?

Marriage is beyond love. Beyond love are sacrifices, piety, and forbearance. It is respect, and care you show to the one you love. The way you treat the one you claimed you love and how their problems become yours.

Love indeed exists in different shades and volumes, but the connections that thrive in the relationship are of great importance. Love can become lost, fade off, or grow and evolve.

Love isn’t just about being in love with a partner, it is more about loving them the way they are. It is more of appreciating them and choosing to love them as the marriage grows. It is more of letting go of your frustration and pains. Marriage comes with mutual understanding and interest. So, ensure you do your best first.

There are days you will wish to call it a day and move on. This is because you are probably hurt by and or simply because you feel not interested again. So, take with you, sincerity and patience. Take with your empathy and compassion. Do not run away from your problems. Trials will come. But how you handle it will determine the success of your marriage. Again, do not compare your marriage with that of others, and do not seek to leave your marriage without care.

Umm Sumayyah Mai

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