Marriage is a Complex Thing

It’s on this platform that couples who had vowed not to ever have anything to do with one another announce the birth of their precious baby. Marriage is a complex thing. Marriage is LOVE. The SWEET love, yet, maybe SOUR at some point. When an issue arises in your marriage, do never close all doors. Do never think you may not be united again. Seek help when necessary and know from whom that help is sought. The truth is, if you are the one who is being consulted, be JUST, be SINCERE, and be TRUTHFUL between both parties.

You must be SMART and play safe between the both of them. Listen, and do not inflict more harm. Try not to BLAME, but correct and advise sincerely. Those who have helped couples resolve their unending issues are GOD-SENT Angels. Once the issue is resolved, they will never forget your input. So, let’s all be there for one another.

Perhaps you are going through hell while reading this update. You are emotionally traumatized, physically wrecked, and psychologically UNSTABLE. Please, seek help ASAP. May Allah ease your worries.

Umm Sumayyah Mai

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