What Else Can You Call Umm Sumayyah Mai?

I have added ‘Amazing’ to my name. This name was given to me by a patient whom l worked with for two days. So, you can call me “Amazing” and l will be proud to answer you by that name!

Why the name?

I gave an abdominal injection of an anticoagulant medication on the first-day l worked with her, and she didn’t feel any pain. She was scared before the injection, and l promised to be soft on her. Alhamdulillah!  She didn’t feel any pain, and she was happy.  So, she said: “Are you coming back, l want you again. You are amazing. That’s what l will be calling you.”

So, upon the arrival of her family yesterday, she narrated the story to them.  And she told them she had given me the name “Amazing” since the day before. We all busted laughing.  She was discharged home without any distress.

Umm Sumayyah Mai

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