Put Others in Your Shoes!

Some of the things that happen in marriage would have been prevented if we put others in our shoes – If we can simply think of our siblings. Any man who plans to divorce a woman shortly after (nikkah) should put her sister in the same shoes. How would you feel if someone sent your sister parking because she has a small b o. b s? There should be other things such a sister will have that will make her unique in her way. Perhaps, such questioning should be included when making inquiries to avoid stories that touch. I am just thinking of how gross it may sound. Most sisters will be naturally shy when it comes to that.

While we advise our sisters to avoid being deceitful in their appearance, our believing men should also realize the fact that it may be hard for a woman to tell the world how weak the husband performs when it comes to intimacy. Many women tend to work with their husbands to find a lasting solution to such a problem. That’s just an example of what it means to be tolerant of some things. Well, it’s is called marriage. You may not be blamed for satisfying your wishes. Please, be mindful of Allah, and put your sister in the same shoes before making a decision.

In all sincerity, except if a woman is very bad, as in, very bad in deen and character, issues such as small b. u .t . t and small this and that can still be managed. Let’s always put the fear of Allah in all that we do. And especially in our marriages. Sorry, it’s just an opinion. It may not sound right to you! May Allah ease the affairs of our homes.

Umm Sumayyah Mai

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