The One Who Loves Allah

This is someone who makes solid clarification before venturing into anything – before laying his hands barely on anything.  When you love Allah, you thank Him for the good and the bad.

You go to Allah, first and foremost in gratitude for the mercy He bestowed upon you and the blessing He put in your life and businesses. Perhaps having to do Sujud Shukr for the good news. You also have to rush to him when calamity befalls you before you start calling friends and family in regret and sorrow.

Everything and anything that happens to you in life should always be referred back to Allah, first and foremost.  It’s a sign that you love Allah.  And Allah will love you in return.  Cry to Allah for the good and the bad.  And Allah will never let you down.  Hand your affairs to Him. He will take care of it better than anyone in heaven and on earth. May Allah ease all your affairs.

Umm Sumayyah Mai

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