You Are Not Yet Barren, Allaah Has Not Forsaken You!

Do never lose hope in Allaah. He ‘Azza wa Jal has not forsaken you. Your time is coming and it’s near bi-dniLlaah. Know, may Allaah have mercy on you, that Allaah sees your tears and pain – He sees your struggles day and night. You have tried your best, from one hospital to another. You have been advised by many folks. Perhaps, you were given everything to take to conceive. Allaah knows the best time for you habeebaty. You are not yet barren, and your joy will come soon bi-dhiniLllah.

Recently, l had an encounter with a female patient who is about 43 years old, behold Allaah has just answered her prayer with a beautiful baby. I was present on her delivery and l thank Allaah on her behalf. Life is a test and of course a struggle. Dunya is a place that makes you laugh in the morning and makes you cry in the evening. We are tested differently and your test is better, little do you know.

Take all opportunities in this month of Ramadan and ask Allaah to wipe your secret tears. Tell Allaah you want to carry your child with your own hands. Seek assistance with prayers and patience. May Allaah grant you the best. May He ‘Azza wa Jall grant you the fruit of the womb.

Oh, Allaah! Put smiles on their faces. Grant them pious children that will be the coolness of their eyes. Ya Rabbal ‘Aalameen.

Umm Sumayyah Mai

Ramadan 1439AH

May 2018!


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