Is Marriage Difficult? (Ep. 2)

The truth is the fact that not everyone will experience what you are experiencing in your marriage. Everyone is born with their challenges – and it is fair to say that there may be some couples who are yet to taste the challenges that come with marriage. You may not know the character of your husband or wife until you both get married and start living together.

The challenges in marriage come in stages. There is a period of love and deep affection that most couples enjoy in the first few years of their marriage until trial sets in. The truth is that most of us do not want to invest in our marriages. We do not want to learn what marriage is really about, nor take corrections and accept our mistakes when we errors. There are some trivial issues and arguments that can simply be resolved that some couples divorce upon. And there is a lot of enmity and hostility between some couples that takes years to resolve – making the home a difficult place to live for both. And essentially making marriage difficult.

I have been married for 21 years and l continue to learn every single day. Marriage is a place to learn and relearn your mistakes. Marriage tends to become difficult when both or either of the couples are not tolerant, patient, and perhaps God-fearing.

Marriage isn’t difficult on its own. The concept of love and mercy is mentioned by our creator (Allah). It is us who want to dismiss the beautiful words of our lord. Probably because we do not think our spouses are our brothers or sisters in Islam before marriage.

To be continued…

Umm Sumayyah Mai

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