My daughter Made $170 from Her Mobile Beauty Saloon for The First Time!

I have come to realize the importance of preparing children with beautiful skills for them to become useful for themselves and the community at large. If you are a mother reading this, try to guide your children to engage in skills you think will be beneficial to them in the future.

My oldest daughter was 4 years old while her sister was 2 when l began to teach her how to make puff-puff with the colored rubber bands using her sister for practice. So, she started with her sister’s hair and now that she is a grown-up teenager, she knows it more than I do. She does her hair herself. The hair she usually makes for me will cost me $60 to make at the beauty salon.

Anything we do intentionally or unintentionally has its advantages. So, it’s important to always be creative and engage our children to be proactive as well. I am sure they will appreciate us when they grow up. May Allah protect her and her siblings. May He make our children the coolness of our eyes. I wanted to write this yesterday, but l couldn’t make it. I will also follow up with what I introduced to Dr. Sumayyah tomorrow,¬† ln shaa Allah! Perhaps, it will benefit you too. Barakhallahu Feekum!!!

Umm Sumayyah Mai

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