While You Are Waiting

I have a colleague who happens to be a very good person to me, but she is being tried with having a child. The first time she shared her story with me, I narrated my own story to her about my delays and losing my first pregnancy. This, she felt sorry for me as much as l did for her. This person isn’t getting younger anymore.

I have people around me with the same issue and still spoke with someone today who had lost two pregnancies. My heart bleeds for them.

Dear sister, while you are waiting to be blessed by Allah, ensure you are steadfast and thankful to Allah. Do all it takes in a halal way to seek a solution. But also use the period beautifully. Ensure you do something meaningful about your life and your Deen that you will be proud of and add to your story in the future. Be sad moderately and do not lose your health carelessly. May Allah answer your secret prayers. Amiin.

Umm Sumayyah Mai

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