Be Happy When Your Teachings Are Impactful

While leaving the house yesterday, l instructed the kids to record a 3-minute audio lecture after Zuhr which they did. While listening to the audio, l was wowed, and at the same time laughing. I laughed because some of them gave a lecture on what l usually corrected in them. I am still laughing writing this. And that’s especially Dr. Sumayyah’s lecture. Oh my! Doctoooor!!!

I was extremely happy to listen to the first audio where my oldest daughter spoke on charity backing it up with a verse in the Qu’ran and hadith.  I became more pleased when my second daughter spoke about the Bani Israel while reciting the Qur’an to back up her claims. She went ahead to mention the importance of not hiding the truth from people.

I wanted to share this with you yesterday and have you try the experience l got from each of the kids. You can do the same with your kids. It feels good listening to them. It’s funny, and at the same time, a kind of way of preparing them for the future.  May Allah make them the coolness of our eyes.

Umm Sumayyah Mai

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