Is Marriage Difficult? (Ep. 1)

Let’s break it down…

Marriage can be very challenging and perhaps difficult depending on each couple’s circumstances. Marriage can also be very soothing and comforting. I can tell you that one of the good things l enjoy in life is marriage. And yet, marriage is one of the most difficult things l experienced in life. I am still married to the same dude whom l love to play and fight with. What an irony of life!

I would like to state that before you accept any proposal from a man as a lady, and before you finalize your coming together of sister Majeedah, ensure there is enough clarification of why you are getting married to her and the roles each party needs to uphold when you finally tie the knot.

Some questions need to be asked by both of you and from each other. This isn’t the time to think l just love her – neither is it the time to think you have found Prince Charming. This is absolutely before doing lsthikhara. If you start well, it is possible to go well. That conversation is crucial for you to know what you can, and cannot compromise. Get to know the deal breaker!

To be continued.

Umm Sumayyah Mai

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