Training The Girls

Naturally, l am someone who cares about others. Let alone not being kind to my visitors. One thing l always do is to try to give my best to my visitors. I learned that from my mother.

The other night, l was up cooking for my brother-in-law who was coming from the United Kingdom and l went to bed pretty late. I told the girls this is called sacrifice – sacrificing your sleep for the sake of Allah to put a smile on your visitor.

Earlier that day, my husband called me while at work that my brother-in-law would arrive the next day and l was like, Chai! I have work in the morning. But l need to prepare a delicious meal. So, l got home that evening, ate, prayed, and headed to the kitchen. I made a beautiful Jollof rice and nicely fried meat roasted in a spicy chopped stew. It was a blast! I love it.

I went to sleep and still got up for work the next day. I told the girls this is how you do it. It is called sacrifice. Your visitor or visitors deserve the best from you. You must allow them to come back
again. There is always joy in doing things right for me. How you treat your visitors matters.

Umm Sumayyah Mai

Youth empowerment programs