What Affects Most Women in Dunyah is Marriage!

I would like to point out something of great importance in this small article. And that’s the point of ‘think before you act’. I have seen that most women go into divorce without thinking it through and they also tend to take advice from their friends who wouldn’t ever leave their marriage for another woman.

While you take your matter to a friend who has always been eyeing your husband without you knowing, little do you leave the house that she enters. This is someone who will say it to your face, after all, he is entitled to marry four wives. So, what’s the heck?

Another point you need to be cautious of is telling a friend every good thing your husband does for you. Be mindful of the evil eye. No one said you shouldn’t say good about your husband, but be careful, especially telling those you know are in dire need of one. They may not mean harm, but l tell you, they want to be in your position too. They equally want to be happy.

In conclusion, try all you can to raise better men. If you have a son, please, raise him well. So that your daughter does not go through what you are going through now. May Allah ease the affairs of our homes.


Umm Sumayyah Mai

February 17th, 2023

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