Gratitude to Allah Even at A Difficult Time!

Practicing gratitude can help us focus on the good things in life and increase our overall happiness. Yes, l understand how things are difficult as we speak. I know and heard how expensive things are, and the amount of suffering going on.

Yet, l want you to practice gratitude and appreciate Allah for some of the things people do not think are worth being grateful for.  For example, you have a home, good health, children, and a sane mind.  You should be grateful for your sights and fitness. That you can work around while some people can’t, deserve praise. Be thankful and hopeful in the mercy of Allah.

Always look at those below you and not those above you. Be grateful for all the positive things you have accomplished and continue to ask Allah for the remaining.  May Allah grant us a heart of gratitude.

Umm Sumayyah Mai

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