The Patience of Asiyah

When l think of the Palestinians, l see in them what is perseverance, steadfastness, bravery, and pure faith in Allah. The women and children of Palestine have proved to us what eeman does to the one who upholds it firmly and wholeheartedly. I have seen strong devotion in the children and women, and that really and truly made me proud.

We have witnessed how some of our brethren behave when calamity befalls them. It is on this street that we saw women who committed suicide due to a test from Allah. Yet, Qu’ran tells us the trials and tribulations our predecessors went through and how they were able to scale through. If you can stand firm when trials strike you, you are a hero. You are worthy of emulation.

The patience, perseverance, and story of our mother Asiyah (May Allah be pleased with her) is a great one that can’t ever be forgotten in the history of Islam. This is a woman who was confined and oppressed by her husband. Who would have believed any man would behave cruelly to his wife?  This is why we advocate for resilience in the face of adversity. And that’s exactly what the Palestinian women and children are facing right now- being deprived of food, and water, and murdered on their land as evidenced by all the videos we saw online. We can only be grateful for their strong eeman in Allah.

When Fir’aun ordered that “Asiyah’ be chained to the ground, she wouldn’t denounce her faith. She was bold, brave, and confident on the basis that, Allah keeps a watchful eye on her and there is no true salvation except in Islam. While she was cruelly whipped and tortured, she didn’t give up.  She was shaded by the Angels, and the more she was tortured, the more her faith in Allah grew. What a strong woman! If you happen to find yourself in a similar shoe, as the Palestinians are right now, it’s important to hold onto your faith and remember the struggle and patience of Asiyah in the hand of the tyrant Fri’aun. Indeed, the affairs of this world are nothing but temporary.  May Allah come to our brethren’s aid.


Umm Sumayyah Mai

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