Talha Ibn Ubaydullah!!

The only man who stood up to hug and embrace Ka’b Ibn Malik after days of boycott by Muslims was Talha. While K’ab walked into the Masjeed upon the news he heard that a verse was revealed based on his plight and his two companions for skipping to go to war with the Prophet, the only man who stood up to hug him was Talha when he was finally forgiven. Not that the rest doesn’t want to.

The companion, K’ab ibn Malik said in a hadith, “l can’t ever forget him, Talha” for what he did or something similar.  In this life, l have learned to appreciate people even when they do little.  I have learned to appreciate people who are there for me when no one will.  I have always appreciated those who couldn’t assist me, even when they wished to.

There is always someone who will leave a good imprint in your life. That person shouldn’t be forgotten. Learn to always be thankful no matter how small. Learn to always show mercy to others and practice loving for others what you love for yourself. I sometimes feel extremely exhausted, and very sad when people need help and l can’t give them at that moment. However, l do feel frustrated at some who want to only become a liability.  But in all, appreciate people and stand tall for people who need a shoulder to lean on.


Umm Sumayyah Mai

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