Renew Your Intention, Hijab Isn’t Just a Choice!

Recently, there have been some controversies among some sisters l watched on YouTube on whether Hijab is a choice or Allah’s commandment. I have heard many stories that are touching from our sisters. Some have been seen removing their Hijabs in broad daylight while they claimed Hijab is a choice one can make and not be forced on anyone. I have also seen a terrible situation with the same Hijab worn by a non-believer who wanted us to go to hell no matter our concerns.

Sincerely, it is important to admit the fact that the Hijab isn’t an easy task for some of our sisters in the deen, as such, those who are fortunate among us to wear the Hijab as ordered by Allah should count ourselves lucky. We all started somewhere, and that’s the more reason why l appreciate any sister l see in the Hijab, no matter the size of it. The fact that you begin to use it gives you credit from Allah and indeed an honor from men.

Hijab isn’t just a choice you can make. You can’t choose to wear it. Hijab is one aspect of our deen as Muslimahs that is crucial and never to be misunderstood as a mere choice. Of course, we all have a choice to choose to work hard and gain Allah’s pleasure and mercy and enter Jannah as our final abode. We also have a choice to ignore the true calls of Prophethood and enter Jahannam (Na’udubillah min dhaalik). The choice is ours. But, it should be well understood that Hijab is a commandment, an order from Allah Azza Wa Jal.

If you happen not to be a wearer of the Hijab at the moment and you want to start wearing it, it is imperative to know what Allah and Rasoolullah say about Hijab and the commandment and purify your intention. That way, you already have ample knowledge of your initial thought and the rationale for wanting to choose to please Allah and your soul. So, it will be easy to know the gravity of taking it off afterward.

As Muslimahs, we are not to follow the crowd and encourage evil, but we should know where we stand and have true knowledge of what we do. We should be able to defend our honor and pride anywhere and at any moment. We shouldn’t also blame anyone, but it’s important to pray for them and seek Allah’s aid for not going astray ourselves.

As for those sisters, who have taken off their Hijabs (big or small), l advise you to renew your intention and seek more knowledge of your deen. Perhaps obeying Allah’s order may be your means of Jannah, little do you know. Seek help from Allaah, and choose a good companion. Read and listen to those who are calling you to goodness and always remember the severity of Allah’s punishment when we go out of orders. Also, remember how merciful Allah is when we obey his orders. May Allah rectify our affairs.

Yaa Muqallibal Quloob Thabit Quluubana ‘Alaa Deenik.
“Oh turner of the hearts (Allah, the Highest), keep our hearts firm on your religion“

Umm Sumayyah Mai
June 17th, 2020

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