NEW BOOK: Heart-to-Heart With My Sister

The book #Heart-to-Heart With My Sister’ is a discussion of the complexities of the contemporary time; the challenges Muslim women face in their daily lives. The author gives concise accounts of her experiences in marriage and medics, using the experiences of women she had come across, and general issues bothering people from afar. She communicated the idea in a deep and resonating manner to remind her sister of her duties and obligations as a slave of Allāh, and her role, status and duties as a wife. The author relates lessons to be learnt from true life events and solutions on vast topics ranging from seeking a spouse, the dignity of the woman, keeping the marriage bond, living apart, divorce, coping with infertility, coping with stress and anxiety, seeking halāl means of livelihood and socialising with other Muslim sisters physically and virtually. This book contains the records of some of her services to humanity while seeking the Face of her Lord. She employed simple diction to drive home her points as she talks to her Sisters as though they are conversing one-on-one. This book should be kept as a reminder, as reminder benefits the Believers. May Allāh bless the author and accept this great work as an act of worship.

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