After Fajr today, l decided that we do not follow the timetable for our usual post-fajr book reading. So, l discussed some other important matters with the kids. I started with “Kushoo” in prayer. Knowing that Allah is watching you, placing paradise on your right side, and hellfire on the left, that the Angel of death may take your soul in the process. And that it may be your last prayer on earth. Furthermore, l told them the importance of praying Tahjudd, asking Allah for everything you want in Dunya and Akhirah in your Sujud. The manners and method of using Ayat al Kursi. The belief is that once you put your trust in Allah, all your problems are not just half solved but completely solved. I told them the importance of being grateful to the one who does them well. I told them to cultivate the habit of being grateful to Allah, and anyone who does them good at least on three different occasions. Thanking him on the spot. Texting him the following day and the day that follows. An ungrateful person is an evil person. I also told them anytime they visit anyone, they shouldn’t go without having a gift handy. Gifts may include giving them money or buying foodstuffs or fruits as the case may be. It increases love and it shows how kind you are. May Allah make our children the coolness of our eyes.

Umm Sumayyah Mai
June 11, 2022

Youth empowerment programs