Regardless of who the person is, always show kindness towards others. It beautifies you as a person and brings light to your face and heart.

I entered the store yesterday after a long drive to Washington DC with two of my girls. Upon entering, l think we have picked one or two items and we were going to the other side for the rest of the things we needed only for us to see a man whose items were dropping and scattering on the floor from the shopping cart. I immediately informed Sumayyah to go get the items from the back while l helped picked up from the front. My other daughter who was pushing the cart behind us immediately stopped the cart and joined in the process.

We were surprised when the man said ‘Tasleem’ to us and he further said Jazakhumllahu Khyran. More shocking was when he asked ‘Sumayyah’, do you go to Al-Huda School? My son does too. Perhaps, this is due to the uniform she had on. I was wowed, to say the least. So, this man is a Muslim, and also a parent in my children’s school as well. What a life! What an act of kindness! What a good act toward others!

Yes, we didn’t know he was a Muslim, and neither do we know his son attended the same school as my children. Indeed, all actions are by intention. And you will be rewarded for things you do solely for Allah. You do not have to know people’s status, religion, or personality before helping them. So, it was a ‘Muslim helping a Muslim’ thing for us yesterday. And we were proud of ourselves. We were happy to render help regardless. We got home and narrated the story to the remaining children and l told my kids, always be there to help others. It pays in both worlds.

Umm Sumayyah Mai

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