Intimacy is a deep connection between two people. An emotional bond that involves trust and unique feelings between two partners. And this strong feeling can only happen when there is love, empathy, and compassion between two individuals. In this case, husband and wife. Marriage isn’t just about food and having children. It’s more of a deeper connection. The feeling of love and great connection when your partner is out of your sight. Many people among us have been in a relationship, and yet, haven’t gotten the sweetness of what marriage is.

From my interactions with women, and also going by their complaints, l have observed that there is a lack of emotional feelings in their relationships. And, sadly, they sometimes feel rejected and ashamed. I have had two clients with similar issues. And l feel the need to address it. Sometimes, getting to that unique stage for some people may take time. Especially if there is always conflict, incompatibility, and lack of compassion in the marriage. And some men are only after being satisfied without any connection.

Most women want that deeper feeling of connection and not just intimacy itself. And this is justified. It shows her level of empathy and compassion. And such women need to be handled with care and love. A man who told her wife “the Angel curse” a woman who rejects her husband, should not neglect a woman who comes to him with a feeling of love and intimacy. Yes, she wants it, the same way you want it when you feel like having it. No matter how tired you are, ensure that you make her feel loved and show some empathy towards her feelings. Even if she will not be touched at that particular time.

The truth is, she comes to you because of that deeper connection. She wouldn’t have come to you if she is depressed or angry with you. Most women do that due to that unique trust and feelings towards you. And if you continue to reject the offer, it is setting a bad record in the relationship. As with women, who make you feel like a king, she needs to be treated like a queen. And that increases the bond and ignites the love between both of you.

Umm Sumayyah Mai

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