One of the best things you can do to your heart is to listen to the word of Allah. And pretty much, to listen to the calls of those who will remind you about your Akhirah – your meeting with Allah on the day when nothing will make sense to you except the good you have put forward.

I was listening to the lmaam sermon this afternoon and my heart tremble as the message passed. I was reminded to take seeking knowledge very seriously, to teach my children to love the prophet, the companions, and the family of the prophets, and to teach them the book of Allah, the Q’uran!

What struck me is when the prayer begins. Do you remember the story l shared with you last year? In that article, l shared the story of one of my patients who despite his sickness was able to recite the full verses of Surah Ar-Rahman. Behold, today, when the prayer began, the lmaam started the Jumuah prayer in the same tone and voice my patient recited his. And this was exactly the same Surah, Surah-Ar-Rahman! Instantly, may Allah forgive me, l felt the connection, and l remember the same spot and tears l was shedding that day while he (my patient) was reading to myself, and his wife in the same room. I was going to start crying, but, l quickly got myself redirected, Majeedah, Kushoo!!!

I narrated the story to my husband and son when we got back to the car, and my husband was like Subhanallaah!!. I just felt like sharing it with you. I hope you feel the same way l felt. Thank you for reading.

Umm Sumayyah Mai

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