4 Important Lessons from Dr. Sumayyah!

Yesterday, l took my first daughter to the library approximately 30 minutes before closing time.  While l stayed in a private room with my laptop writing as usual, a call came in along with a text via Grandma’s phone.  Mum, this is Sumayyah, do not forget to get my books. Ok, I won’t, ln Shaa Allah, l responded.

Before l knew it, it was already 5 minutes before 9 p.m. So, l quickly went down to the children’s place to get her at least two books.  I grabbed one, and checked the back, Nah! ain’t taking this. Found another suitable one.  At this time, it was 8:57 pm, so l quickly grabbed one more for her without taking enough time to check. I took the book home and went straight to use the restroom.

Mum, this book isn’t good.  It has the LGBT thingy in it was the voice l heard.  I will not read this.  I came out and asked which of the books, and it was shown to me.  I thank Dr. Sumayyah for checking what she was about to read. And was pretty much able to detect that without delay. I was so proud of her last night.

Lessons Learned:

  1. It’s important to always check any books we plan to give our children no matter the circumstances. That was a great lesson for me last night. Wouldn’t repeat it.
  2. The importance of teaching your children the Halal and the Haram can’t be stressed enough.
  3. I have written articles on this, and each time l do, l teach my children first and foremost, and l always make sure l create awareness on issues that are affecting our community as Muslims.
  4. Do not think a child is too small to be taught the evil that goes around the world. The more they know, the better it is for their Islam and personalities. May Allah continue to protect us and our children.


Umm Sumayyah Mai

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