You Remember Eid is Around the Corner?

Indeed all power belongs to Allaah alone. Dunya is racing ahead of us. Memories take us back, while dreams take us ahead. Indeed, the life of this Dunya is nothing but temporary.

You won’t agree less with me if l say, 1438 Eid Al-Had seems to have just passed yesterday. The same way is the fact that our days are numbered on Earth.

When we were little (very small), when Eid is coming close, my Mum used to start preparing the outfit for Eid. She used to get our shoes and every other thing that goes along with it. We used to get set “mind-wise”. Too many thoughts like the get-together, the foodies, the outfits, and visits, etc…

Islam has given us more awareness of our existence in life. Islam has given us the heart to ponder, the brain to think, the mind to be prepared for death, and the tests/trials of Dunya. Islam has informed us that perhaps, while we are rejoicing that Eid is almost here, while we are thinking about the joy of that blessed day, we shouldn’t forget those who couldn’t smile like us, those who do not have food to eat on this joyous day, those who are pleading for assistance, those who have no dress to put on among men and women folks.

It’s imperative to ponder on this, same as l am doing to myself right now.

What are you giving out before Eid to make someone happy?

Who are you visiting on Eid day from the less privileged?

How about the prisoners who have said, “We can’t celebrate Eid like you”?

Would you consider them and give from what you have?

Would you call family and friends to know how you can help?

By Allaah, this post is a reminder to myself first. May Allaah grant us all the goodness on that special day. May Allaah spare our souls till then and beyond. Ya Rabbal ‘Aalameen.

Eid Mubarak to you all in Advance!

Umm Sumayyah Mai
Dhul-Hijjah 7th 1439AH, Aug 2018

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