Who Do Women Love Most?

While l was growing up, l couldn’t forget the attachment l had with my father. The love l had and will continue to have for him even while he has returned to Allah. My mother is my best friend and a role model to date. The love l have for her is indescribable.

Once l became married, l transferred the love to my husband, and now my kids. Even while l never stopped praying for my father. So, the question of who women love most comes to mind and l realized many women will tell you, my husband or perhaps my kids. As I’ve mentioned in my book, ‘Towards A Successful Marriage’ “Can love be too much?” though, our core love must solely be for Allah, before the most loveable person, our husbands.

But when trial surfaces in the marriage, you will be surprised that some women who had told the world, “I love my husband,” are the same to tell them how terrible the man is. The worst is to allow yourself to be carried away by frustration and tell the same world how incompetent he is.

While no man is infallible, you shouldn’t bring your marital problem to any social media outlets. Love sensibly, choose wisely, and exercise patience when trial strikes. May Allah ease the affairs of our homes.


Umm Sumayyah Mai

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