Perhaps, someone is looking up to you too!

Oftentimes, many of us are carried away by other people’s posts and statuses. I used to say to people that: by Allah, my status as a person and my updates do not make me better. Perhaps, you do not know what l do behind closed doors. May Allah save me from the evil of myself and the evils of following my whims and desires.

Before you think someone is better than you, remember only Allah knows what is in the person’s breast. Before you look up to someone’s status thinking he/she has high eemaan, remember perfection belongs to Allaah, for by Allaah, you do not know them; only Allaah does.

Think about others who may be looking up to you. Allah continues to keep a watchful eye on us, and we are always judged by what is most apparent to people. Our hearts belong to Allaah.

I am not better than you, not by anything; Wallah, not even by knowledge, character, humility, or generosity. But, there is always one thing that keeps me going, it is doing everything to please Allaah. To seek the face of Allah and l humbly ask Him to overlook all our hidden sins. Ya Rabbal Ala’ameen.

Umm Sumayyah Mai

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