Najiyyah’s Story Put Me to Tears!

Yesterday evening, we were at a Fund-Raising Dinner at Marriot Hotel and Conference Center, Rockville, Maryland. This program was organized by Dar-us-Salaam in conjunction with Al-Huda School.

Ikhwaan, indeed Allaah Azza Wa Jall has given us many opportunities that we all take for granted. Allaah’s Blessings constantly aim down on us, but hardly do we appreciate Him and His Bounties. As parents, it is important to constantly ask ourselves this question: “How is my relationship with Allaah and my kids? How does l want to be remembered when I’m gone?

In the “I testify, your story, your words” of yesterday, being part of the fund-raising dinner program with Al-Huda School, the story of Najiyyah touched many hearts, a story that put many to tears. I couldn’t hold my tears Subhanallah!

It was a heartwarming story, a soul-stirring message to all and sundry.

Najiyyah was the first-born of her parent. Najiyyah began her story with her father’s love for Islaam and his sacrifice to make sure his children have the best and become knowledgeable deen-wise. Najiyyah’s immediate brother was taken to Al-Huda at the age of 2 or thereabouts to begin learning the Qur’an, while Najiyyah herself was enrolled in Al-Huda School. During this period, her Mum said to her dad, “Isn’t he too little”, but her dad said, you can never tell what this boy will become tomorrow. The 2 years old boy, is now 13 years old and enrolled in Al-Huda Hifz school, and he was the one who recited the Qur’an to open yesterday’s program.

The journey began, things happened in life, trials set in and the family was to face the reality of life. Subhanallah! “Dad used to tell us the Islamic Seerah, he used to read to us the hadith of Rasoolullah and play with us a lot. He reminded us of the purpose of our existence and constantly call us to pray, and for us to remember death may knock at any time. He doesn’t stop there, he used to remind others and his family too”. This was a man who wasn’t born into Islaam, a Black American.

Later, our “brother” became ill back in 2014, and later died at the age of 36! Subhanallah! I wish that wasn’t mentioned in the story. By Allaah, it was a moment of silence and tears in that gathering. I couldn’t but get up afterward to hug Najiyyah, who herself was full of tears and I exchanged numbers with her Mum. I never knew she was the Mum until she began to weep beside me. We chatted and realized we live very close by. All of Najiyyah’s siblings are enrolled at Al-Huda School.

The lesson from this post:

Do all you can to seek Allaah’s face and do it now, don’t procrastinate.

Be involved in the life of your children, and leave behind the best for them (education).

Remain steadfast and be patient upon trials.

Death may knock at any time, so make use of your life before your death.

Do not be afraid to call people to Islaam, and do not get tired of the challenges attached to it.

Oh Allaah, forgive our brother and grant him a lofty place in Jannah. Ya Rabbil Alaameen!

Umm Sumayyah Mai

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