For Every Challenges That Come Your Way

Let me share with you how l deal with my challenges. Gone are the days when l allow anything to weigh me down. I have outgrown that a long time ago. I was able to do so because every Muslim should avoid being sad for Shaitain. Once you are sad, Shaitan will be happy and he will find all possible ways to enter you, negatively. This is because he knows you are vulnerable at that time.

So, l have learned to accept my challenges and beautifully deal with them. I know it will come, so l have always prepared myself to be steadfast and cry to my LORD whenever anything displeasing comes my way. I also have this strong mindset that Allah hasn’t left His throne, so, He will not leave me to myself – that everything will be fine at the end of the day. And l will eventually overcome it, ln shaa Allah.

While l continue to work towards resolving the issue in my little way, and with my frequent prayers; l still believe strongly in Allah – that, He will not forsake me. So, it has always been a positive outcome after all the trials and tribulations. You tie your camel first and ask Allah to keep a watch over it. We must always be ready to face our challenges. May Allah ease our affairs.

Umm Sumayyah Mai

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